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HROMODOMI was established on 1988, an environment of only 200m2, at the area of ’25th Martiou’ in thessaloniki. The possibilities at beginning were small as the company was operating with few equipments and only 2 employees. But, since the early start the focus was on providing high quality products, keeping perfect relationships with the customers and setting up a reliable name on the market.As the company was expanding, on 1992 it moved to its privitly owned buildings, with an area of 1000m2, on the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki. On the first half of 2001 HROMODOMI moved again, now on its new buildings at Z.I.S. on a privatly owned environment of area 4.000m2. Of this area 2.850m2 were occupied by its buildings.

HROMODHOMI ALBANIA was established on 2001 starting its activity as a Greek – Albanian collaboration, on an environment of only 200m2 at the city of Korça. As the company was expanding, on 2006 “HROMODOMI ALBANIA” moved on its new privatly owned building with an area of 4.500m2 located on the National Road Korçë – Bilisht. On 2010 the company was further expanded to occupy an area of 9000m2.

Continuously, “HROMODOMI ALBANIA” puts all the effort into providing better quality products through high investments on new technologies, human resources and modern production infrastructures.

Our ultramodern equipment and facilities guarantee:

  • Ecological administration of waste
  • Excellent production conditions
  • High technology laboratory of quality assurance
  • Research/Development laboratory
  • Modern warehouse organization
  • Reliable safety equipment (fire detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.)

Quality assurance policy

The main aim of ‘HROMODHOMI ALBANIA’ is to satisfy its customers through providing the best quality of paints and products, correctness in agreements, competitive prices, adequate packaging of paints and delivery on time. This is all achieved through proper collaboration in between the leadership and the company’s employees, by choosing the right raw materials, selling products, distributors, and all other external collaborators, so that the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 certification are satisfied.

The search, development, and quality assurance laboratories are all equiped with the latest technology equipment following Greek and international examples. All our products are certified according to the patent of material inspection. Acting according to the quality principles and maintaining procedures according to the System of Quality Management applied by the company, guarantee high and constant quality of its products and services.

Environmental policy

Our company pays contious attention into having the lowest environmental impact possible during its operations. For this purpose we have developed the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004 standard, which comprises with all environmental issues.
For further improvement on the environmental issues our company regularly defines and amends environmental aims and goals, taking under consideration the following:

    • Environmental legislation.
    • Important environmental aspects.
    • Technological feasibilities.
    • Main goals of the company.
    • Opinions of the interested parties, i.e. employees, customers, citizens, partners.
    • Economic scale of the company.

Furthermore, all employees are well informed on the demands of the Environmental Management System, on the environmental policy, main objectives, the impact of company’s production operations towards the environment, as well as which are the possible emergency situations and how to respond to those. We also keep informed our partners, so that they can as well achieve the lowest environmental impact.
All the above, combined with the continuous effort of all participants, allows us to expect the best results from the Environmental Management System.


EN ISO 9001/2008; EN ISO 14001/2004; EN 13499 EPS; EN 13500 MW;
Throughout the lifetime of the company, its activity is characterized by continuous scientific research and application of pioneer methods on its trade policies. The design, production, availability of all products and customer care are all based on the certification system ELOT EN ISO 9001. Being loyal to the above mentioned and following the tendencies of the market, the strategical orientation of the company pays special care to the health and security of its employees as well as to the protection of the environment.
The company has implemented a complete and certified system of external insulation of its buildings, both old and new, with 100% ACRYL THERMONOSYSTEM with poysterol and solid cotton. For ensuring perfect quality of the implemented system, it has been certified according to the European ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) the EN 13499 EPS certificate (for polysterol insulation), as well as the EN 13500 MW certificate (for solid cotton insulation). In this manner the company ensures best insulation conditions for both winter and summer.


Other Certifications

  • Certified emulsion paint ECO LIFE.
  • Cover Latex, as well as Cover Acryl, according to laboratory tests have been certified as ELOT 788 products.
  • Certified paint for road marking ROAD PAINT according to laboratory tests.
  • Certified insulating material MONOSTOP, after laboratory tests
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